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Urgent: Huge page load latency on page with lots of collection lists

Hi everyone,

I have quite an urgent issue, and it would be nice if anyone here or from the Webflow team could take a look at a website we’ve been working on.
Page password: Tentkamperen01@
Share link:

This page contains our products, divided in about 14 collection lists, in which every item contains about 5-8 references to another collection.

For some reason it’s very slow. The latency is about 10-12 seconds. I suspect that this has to do with the rendering of the page on the Webflow servers (complex db queries, maybe?).

I would like to know what can be done about this. Right now it’s holding back development of our website. We’d like to release it asap but we can’t with such slow page load.

Thanks a lot!


For urgent support, please email Webflow team at

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