URGENT Help - Hosting Problems

I’m having problems with website redirecting to www.www.northview.life
I understand if you clear the cache and it can fix this issue. But we have 100’s of people that are going to use this website and they cannot go to the website unless they clear the cache which will most likely not happen. How am I able to fix this problem? Can anyone help? It is setup properly and like it is said on Godaddy and on Webflow hosting. Any help is very helpful. It is quite urgent as everyone cannot open up the webpage. Is there anyway to flush the cache or redirect www.www. to the correct domain?

Please help. Very urgent :frowning:

Thanks, Austin

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I have not accessed your site before, and www.northview.life appears to be working fine for me, so your config is working smoothly for new visitors.

DNS caching by the network providers, routers, and the PC/mobile devices themselves isn’t something you can control. Those will resolve automatically in a couple of hours depending on the various cache settings. If there are specific users you’re talking to, they can try rebooting their machine, resetting their network interface, rebooting their router, restarting their browser, clearing their cache…

Those cached DNS entries can be in a lot of places.

Most commonly I find it in the browser itself, the network interface, or my wifi router.