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i ve been trying to fix my website for the past hour and playing with all the spacing and flexing possible and yet all the content and cards are pushed all the way to the right instead of centered and I cant figure out why!!

cant someone please help fix this??

Hi @Asher_Fishman I took a look and things didn’t appear pushed all the way to the right. Were you able to fix it?

hi still no :frowning: what do i do???

its when u see the live site

Can you link to the live site as well please?

Your ‘.Dashboard Content’ div has a left margin of 325 on widescreen breakpoints. Set this to 0 or auto and the content will fit.

EDIT: I originally wrote Container 3 but meant Dashboard Content

As a reminder edits cascade down from desktop to mobile and up from desktop to widescreen. You probably already knew this but it’s pretty common to be editing in a breakpoint and not realize it :hot_face:

on my end it is set to auto

please see above - meant dashboard content

it worked!! thanks so much!!!

@Asher_Fishman glad it helped. Good luck on your hackathon! Please mark solution if the post helped you. :ok_hand:

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