Urgent: Email Button not working anymore

Hello Webflow Community,

I hope you’re all doing well. I’m facing a critical issue with Webflow that’s affecting multiple websites I’ve built and hosted using the platform. It appears that there’s suddenly a bug related to Webflow’s native email buttons, the ones designed to open the user’s default email program.

This issue is causing a significant disruption in the functionality of these buttons across all of my sites. As a result, it’s impacting the user experience and the ability for visitors to contact us via email directly.

I kindly request the Webflow team to investigate this matter urgently and provide a solution or workaround as soon as possible. It’s essential for me to resolve this issue promptly to ensure the seamless operation of my clients’ websites.

If anyone else in the community has encountered this problem or has any insights on how to address it temporarily, please share your thoughts. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all for your support, and I look forward to a swift resolution to this issue.

Best regards,


Hi Hans,

There is no such thing as an email “button”, there are only standard mailto: protocol links. When you use them, it’s 100% up to the viewing browser what to do with them, whether it will launch email, which email program it would launch etc.

Basically the website, webpage ( and Webflow ) have no say in that, only the browser does.

If you’re saying Webflow is somehow malforming the mailto: links in some way when it publishes, that would be a bug and you’d want to contact support.

If you’re saying that the links are there, but not working, then it’s a browser or mailer configuration issue you’re dealing with.

You can view source and you should see e.g. href="mailto:someemail@somesite.com" . Check that and you’ll know if it’s a link problem or a brower problem.

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Hello Webflow Community,

It turns out the root cause was related to heightened security settings on a client’s MacBook, which disabled the functionality of triggering email programs.
Sincere apologies for the false alarm!
Thank you @memetican for the superquick reply and support!