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[urgent] Display list of products from dynamic CMS

Hi, I am trying to do an E-commerce where users can :

  1. Buy articles as normal e-commerce --> this is OK
  2. Buy articles from a gift listing --> I need help

For the gift listing, I have done something with “CMS collection Page”, I have created a CMS template with fields like “Final customer name” + “product listing”

It works well, exactly how I want ! But …
I need to get “a link” between the order AND the listing ID.
Actually I can’t know for which listing the order is.

Do you have an idea ? Actually I can’t create any other page or custom-code without paid plan.
And I can’t pay if this is not possible…

This is what I need, it doesn’t exist at all in Webflow … so I have to move to Shopify for my client project :-/