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URGENT CMS Collection: dynamic URL field isn't working

Hello everyone

I have a problem with the dynamic URL field, connected to my collections. Even though I added a different URL to every element of the collection, pushing the ‘download’ button will result always to the same URL.

Does anyone have an idea why this happens and how to solve it? I will be so thankful!
Here is my link:

Kind regards


Hello Tobias,

I took a look through your CMS collections and although I only took a scan through a few items, they do seem to be set up appropriately with different links and they seem to be connected appropriately. What I noticed when I clicked on the link is that the drive link you have is a restricted one and not public. This resulted in me always being taken to the “you do not have permission” page for google drive. I’m not sure but changing your links to public might correct the problem.

However, if that’s not the problem, feel free to reply back with a bit more detail and I’ll take another look.


Jeff Wagar

Hello Jeff

Thanks for responding and investigating my project!. You were right: a few of the links weren’t public yet. I fixed this.
But the problem still persists. The configuration of the collection list is pretty complex: when clicking on an image, a pop-up appears with more images and a download button. But this button doesn’t respond or leads to a wrong url.