URGENT! Can't Transfer Site to my Client

Not matter what I do, I am unable to transfer a website to my client - I am getting the follwing error:

"Cannot transfer project since it is showcased to Made in Webflow. Please un-showcase the site and try again.

Note: If this site is showcased via creator credits, you will also need to remove the credits in order to transfer the site. They can be re-added after the site is transferred."

But the thing is, my website is NOT showcased in Made in Webflow right now.

Also, since I downgraded to Starter (as per instrucitons to trasnfer), the “Webflow branding” auto-toggled to yes, which will prevent me from transfering.

I am extremely confused about this, if anyone has any insight I would greatly appreciate it!

Here is the read-only site: Webflow - Boss Drivers Academy

If you haven’t done so already, I’d suggest reaching out to Webflow Support directly.

While Webflow employees are active on the forum from time to time, most folks here are customers (like yourself) so we can’t do too much to troubleshoot account or site plan issues.

Good luck :crossed_fingers: