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(Urgent) Cant see the A record under my custom domain in the setting

Hi guys

I have this urgent problem.
I was asked to change the A-record in the DNS provider before April 30.
and when I changed it, my website suddenly shut down.
I went back to the settings and find that there’s no A-records under my custom domain.

Does anyone know how to fix it???:(((((

My guess: It looks like the domain name’s name servers are at a company called Porkbun. You need to go there and add the A record given to you by Webflow.

Hi James

Thanks for your reply.
I have updated the A records in Porkbun already but still :((
I wonder if its because this process takes some time?

@An-ni-Liu, you can use this independent tool to check the active state of your public records for your domain to see if your records are there yet. It does take a while for records to update; some sites say it can take a few hours, some say it can take a few days.