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Urbansoul Design Agency New Website Built in Webflow

Say hello to the new Urbansoul Design.

Our clever team have worked hard over the summer to bring you the ‘new us’, and we are pretty impressed with it.

We would love to know what you guys think!


It doesn’t load for me!

Thanks @jorn,

Not the best start! Can you please send us a screenshot of the error you received?


Don’t think screenshot will help, I’ve set my browser language to Swedish :grinning: But what I get is a ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT hope it helps.

@jorn Can you please take another look, we think we have resolved the issue. :+1:

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It is working now!
(Filling out characters)

Very nice site!

I will say that the hover effect on the “Discuss a Project” and “Get in Touch” buttons is kinda glitchy looking. Not sure if it is supposed to be or not.

Otherwise looks great! I especially love the typed js effect, and having the typed statements being gradients.

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Thanks for the comments @bbrazis,

The glitch on the button wasn’t intentional, it looks like the border-bottom and border-right aren’t included in the hover state. We will look into this. :thinking:

beautiful flipping job.

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what’s the company number for ?

We need to get these guys access to #IX2!
Great stuff @UrbansoulDesign

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doesn’t open

Thanks, always nice to get some good feedback :+1:

@EthanApalis We are excited for the release of Webflow Interactions 2.0!

@Revolution Being a LTD company apparently it is a legal requirement to show our company number on the website.

that’s what I figured.
we are an LLC… but don’t have that requirement in the US.

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