Upvote Site Using API and Zapier & Need Help!

Hi, everybody! I am hoping there is someone in this part of the forum who can help me out. So I am building a collection site and I wanted people to be able to upvote items. So, I came up with a fun little system where the collection pulls the number of votes an item has, adds 1 and drops it into a field. Then, when they hit the submit button (just a nice up triangle) it would submit that number and update the collection.

Then when the page next loaded the order of items would have changed based off the number of votes. I think I’ve even found a way using cookies to hide forms that have already been hit.

The problem I’m having is getting the webhook and API piece set up in Zapier. I used Postman to get all the ID’s I needed and I validated my JSON. But Zapier keeps giving me this error:

And here is a look at my setup. It’s a custom request and I’m using PUT. My first time really playing with an API and I can’t find my mistake. Any help is greatly appreciated.