Uppercase in slug when migrating


We’re looking to migrate from Wordpress to Webflow and have completed the design process and are now onto the final steps. Our SEO consultancy firm have raised some concerns in regards to the slug that’s generated by webflow compared to our current slug structure.

We (unfortunately) have an uppercase in some of our slugs, for example:


According to our SEO firm this would, at least in the short term, harm our Google rankings as they are viewed by Google as two entirely different URL:s.

Any advice on how we could achieve an uppercase in the url, or any insights if this actually is as harmful as our SEO firm thinks?

I’ve added the following script in the site header to make sure we don’t get a 404, but not sure if it’s enough?

@jonathanB - Webflow lower cases all slugs so you won’t be able to keep the exact path. What you can do is add 301 redirects to address this for all “Jobs” since they won’t resolve and will throw a 404. If you have lots of incoming links and you can’t update them then you could experience some SEO impact.

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Thank you @webdev for your swift reply!

Would you also be able to answer a related question:

Our current domain ends all our urls with a trailing slash, /, so for example https://mysite.com/Jobs/a-job/

Webflow seems to remove these, is there a workaround? The information we’ve received is that this also is seen as two separate URL:s to Google.

What do you advice to handle this in the best way possible to minimize risk of losing rank?

Webflow now redirects a trailing slash, which is not a problem (they used to let ////// roll) when there is a valid slug, but one issue is that Webflow does not support index pages in folders. This throws a big wrench in migrations, and moving the actual index above the folder (with a new slug) and doing redirects is the only workaround. I find this to be a fundamental limitation.

That is true, but most approach this problem by setting the canonical and via redirects, as I mentioned. There are some tools to handle bulk 301’s for Webflow sites, so it makes it a little easier.

All changes present risks. I think Webflow does not advance the flag regarding SEO potential on more complex sites. I do a fair amount of advanced WordPress builds, and when SEO and PPC are a priority, I don’t choose Webflow as I don’t see any advantage and can deliver better results elsewhere.

If you have significant SEO traffic that might be at risk, then all the limitations of a given solution must be analyzed and considered. If you want a deeper discussion about your situation, then PM/DM me. I offer qualified businesses a free initial consult, and we can discuss the issues in more detail so you can make a more informed decision on moving forward.