Uploading images to the designer assets pannel via webflow API

Im building a Webflow app that requires the user to upload images, edit them and place them on their website. I would like the user to be able to select images from their computer and upload them direcly inside my app window, and then in the background i would use the API to upload the images to the assets pannel and place them on the page.
My question is: is it possible to upload an image to the assets pannel (not the CMS) via the webflow API?

Should i be using the Create Asset Metadata endpoint? It seems like this is the first step, i’m just not sure what follows after this.

Worst case scenario i can ask the user to upload the images to the Assets pannel themselves, and then on my side keep checking for changes using the List Assets endpoint.

Thank you in advance for helping!

Hi @MatthewSpiegelhalter, you will need to use the Create Asset Metadata endpoint, and once you have uploadDetails, you can use this sample code to upload the file to the Designer Assets panel.