Uploading image in CMS collection shows a blank preview and display issues on published site

Hi, all!

I’m having an issue with uploading images in a CMS collection.

Attempting to upload a hero image for a blog post shows a blank preview in the backend of the CMS:

However, clicking on the link to the image shows that it uploaded successfully:

Looking at the page itself in my browser likes normal shows a blank space where the image should be:

But if I go on incognito, the image does display correctly:

This implies that it’s a caching issue I guess? Maybe it’s not a big deal since visitors will presumably see the correct version. But I’m not quite sure what’s going on, and I find it annoying! Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

Anything you name “ad” “advertising” whether it’s an image, a resource, or even a class, will be blocked by your ad blocker extension. Try to rename your images and check your classes too.

We’ve ALL been there :slight_smile: