Uploading Files

Ive heard about an site named :https://assets.website-files.com/ and i dont know how to use it, could anyone teach me please?


Hi Martim, there is nothing to teach.

When you upload assets to Webflow, such as your images on your website, they are hosted and served from that URL and historically some others as well.

You don’t do anything special to make that happen, and you have no control over where your designer-uploaded assets are served from.

Welcome @Martim_Gamer :wave:

Beyond what’s already been said, you will also experience this if you add files to your CMS for certain field types (example: file types, image types, etc…).

Webflow takes the file, however you upload it to them, and in turn re-uploads it into their public CDN (content delivery network).

In many cases, this is a huge benefit for you.

Now your files are served from a location physically close to your site visitor. That means faster download times, which translates into your web pages loading faster.

Are these the answers you were looking for or did you have something different in mind?

Yes, thank you very much for you’r reply!