Uploaded video assets 403

I’m implementing a video header that fetches a random video from a string of URLs. It works properly when using test videos but when I try to add videos uploaded through webflow i get a 403 error.

The way I upload videos is by adding a background video element and then copy the URLs from there. At first i thought the issue might be because that my project was password protected, but after making it public the issue remains, even if I upload a new video.

Any idea of what the issue might be?

(I realise that a workaround would be to host the videos elsewhere but I’d prefer to do it in Webflow, and I’m sure I’ve made similar things work before)

Link to one of the videos: https://s3.amazonaws.com/webflow-prod-assets/6346a2e14dce674426be40ac/6364e784440dbe3bd21247ed_Introvideo_001.mp4

I would love to know this too. Same issue.