Upload image from local system using CMS API

Hi team, i want to upload image from my local system using CMS API but its not working
{“fields”:{“name”:“PRO “,“slug”:“MODEjjjjL_TS_10”,”_archived”:true,"_draft":true,
“image”: [

                "url": "http://localhost/test/test.jpg"


using public URL “https://d1otoma47x30pg.cloudfront.net/580e63fc8c9a982ac9b8b744/580e63fe8c9a982ac9b8b749_1477338110257-image20.jpg” will work but i want upload images from my system.


Webflow can’t resolve localhost to you.

Thank You @webdev for reply, is there any way to upload images from my local system (base64) etc.

You might be able to do it by using NGROK which would create a tunneled public URL to your local machine.

Ok Jeff S, let me try thank you again for quick reply

Hi @webdev, is base64 or binary-image upload support by webflow ?

I don’t think so. I believe you need a normal URL and supported file asset.