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I know this has been bouncing around for a while (literally years now) and it was supposed to be on the wishlist…Could the Webflow guys please put a stake in the ground and say if they are ever going to implement it. I don’t believe it’s hard to implement and I am sure it’s in high demand so why has it been largely ignored? It’s the one thing that stops me hosting my sites here. I design and then export as most of my clients demand the ability to host documents and I’m not happy with the “workaround” of using dropbox/google drive and linking out to them. Thanks Guys…sorry to moan as I really love webflow…

Hey @donski

Is this what you’re talking about? https://wishlist.webflow.com/ideas/DESIGNER-I-17
It is already planned.

You can a take this quick survey to help the team learn about your requirements for file uploads in the Webflow Asset Manager

Thanks Anna…Exactly what I am talking about. Thanks for the prompt response…Take care


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Anytime Don.
Always welcome

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