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Upgrading Client Billing from Basic to ECommerce

Hi all,

I have a client of mine who would like to upgrade her plan from Basic hosting to an Ecommerce site, I have her set up with client billing, and the only option I see is to cancel the hosting, there is no option to upgrade from the billing tab that I see under the site. She’s already paid through the year for basic hosting, and I am trying to save her some money by upgrading her plan rather than cancelling her current one and setting up a new plan altogether.

If somebody could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it!

Hey @MKDWebSolutions! I think the best point-of-contact for this question would be someone on Webflow’s support team. I’ll tag some team members on this post (@Waldo / @rileyrichter / @Brando), but I think your best bet would be to fill out a support request here.

Thank you!

I wasn’t sure which category I should make this post under, I’ll contact Webflow support. Feel free to lock this post if you need to :slight_smile:

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Hi there, did you manage to upgrade from basic to Ecommerce ok? Was it an easy process? Thanks