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Upgrade to Team plan, discount price of previous plan. How?

Hi, I bought a 49$ account plan.
Today, 1 week ago I changed to CMS plan, Webflow charged a complete price 192$without a discount 49$ I paid previously. Now I want to change to the Team plan 840$, and Webflow tries to charge the complete price for this plan too. Support doesn’t work for this type of demand. How can I do to discount already bought a plan from the plan I want to Upgrade for? Thx


plan from Team Account?

Hey @Yuri_Lysenko welcome to the forum.

Webflow pricing can be a bit confusing. The way pricing works is by account (individual and team) plans and site plans.

The first account plan you purchased is used for designing, but doesn’t provide any hosting for your sites on a custom domain. This is good if your designing multiple sites, you won’t need to get a site plan until you are finished.

The CMS plan you bought is a site plan, so there would be no discount, since they are different products. Each site you design will need a site plan if you want it on a custom domain.

The Team plan is once again a different product. It is similar to the other account plan you purchased, but can have multiple designers. You can have a team and individual account plan at the same time. This is useful if you work for a team and want your own sites seperate.

If you purchased the wrong thing, I’m sure support would be able to give you a hand, but they are all different products and are charged separately.

Hope that helps explain things.