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Upgrade Site Plan Icons?

I’m relatively new to Webflow having started just over 8 weeks ago after about 15 years of developing with WordPress.

I have to say I’m really enjoying Webflow, but today I noticed a bunch of bright purple nag icons scattered around the interface of one of my dev sites which has really turned me off.

I’m already a paying customer with a 10 site Account Plan, and I’m currently in the process of porting 3 WordPress sites across to Webflow for 3 separate clients plus a 4th e-commerce site from Shopify.

One of the sites has 16 pages of what appears to be a 100 page limit, and yet with 84 pages still to go I’m being hit with an upsell - why?

I expect to have all 4 customers create Webflow accounts to accept transfers within the next 3 or 4 weeks and I certainly hope that they don’t ever see nag icons such as these.

Is this a new thing or is it a new idea being tested?

I regret that my first communication with the community is a complaint - but to be honest I am feeling somewhat disappointed at being nudged by an upsell on what I’m coming to see is such a professional design platform.