Upgrade CMS Hosting to Ecommerce Hosting

I’m half way in to a clients build and needed to purchase CMS Hosting to move things along. The client has just let me know that they’d now like to add Ecommerce to the site. I’ve only had CMS Hosting for about two months - is there a way to upgrade to a WF Ecommerce Hosting package without having to pay all over again and loose my 1 year CMS Hosting i’ve just paid for?

I would contact support; they’ve been super helpful in situations likes this for me.

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OK, thank you. That sounds encouraging so I’ll reach out to support!

Hi @ConnectCreativeDes ! Have you got any news regarding your issue ? I’m in the same position right now… Thank’s in advance ! :slight_smile:

Afraid not, the client pulled the plug on the site at the last minute, going into administration. I’m now due a lot of money I’ll never see!!