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Updating the A record(s)

Hi, I am new to this forum,
I have been contacted by webflow to update our A records. I am fairly new to this since our tech person left the company.
Our DNS provider is Hover. If I want to update the DNS settings there, but the site where I basically can edit all the A, CNAME and other entries tells me that “This domain is using third-party nameservers. DNS records added here won’t have an effect.”

Can someone please explain whether this should bother me? If yes, where else should I update the A records?


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Hover has a good help center. Find the changed nameserver setting and you‘ll probably find the service to change DNS records.

Or custom nameservers are the root cause of this issue. :wink:

Thanks for the swift answer. I’ve fumbled around with the settings and, hopefully, I managed to edit the appropriate entries. Thanks again for your help.

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