Updating Site Architecture

I would like to improve the site architecture for SEO purposes, but I am unsure how to do that within the CMS.

Two things that I need to update:

  1. When I created the categories, in the URL it literally says ‘/category/education’ rather than just the category itself which would be ‘education’ - how do I change this?

  2. When you click within the category, the article URL says ‘/post/article-title/’ (it says the actual article title not literally ‘article-title’) - how do I change it to say ‘/education/article-title/’ ?

Thank you!

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Hi @sheila.m, that is a pair of great questions for your first post! Unfortunately what you are trying to change is not currently possible. However, people have achieved great SEO results without being able to nest categories or use category slug paths. Below are direct answers to each question you posed.

You cannot. The slug path for a collection item is collectionslug/itemslug. That is not something you can change. Only the slug names.

Again not something you can change at this time. The same rule applies as answered in #1.

I would like to see Webflow provide the option to allow us to control category paths without resorting to redirects on hosted sites. I love building content pyramids for SEO.

I hope this helps. Feel free to reach out if you need additional assistance.

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Hi @webdev! Thank you for your quick reply. I have an online magazine and am trying to rank higher (as we all are!) and thought that an improved structure would be really important given that we have so many articles.

Do you happen to have any suggestions from other Webflow users of ways they have improved their SEO? We are working on the general - title tags, h1s, keywords, etc. but any other suggestions specifically would be much appreciated :slight_smile: I know this is a hefty topic but figured I’d ask!

Thanks a ton!

Most of my sites are old and well established and have obtained excellent rankings that never seem to be affected by algorithm changes. I learned a long time ago, that sites with quality content, that are helpful to the user, that provide an excellent user experience while observing all the best practices, tend to grow organically without playing short term SEO games.

Today Google is ranking your site as a mobile user. Lean pages, clean navigation, quality content, well structured semantic html, that is served up fast, makes a big difference. You can do all those things in Webflow. Don’t forget to read Google’s webmaster guidelines three or four times :).

I wish you all the success your site deserves!

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