Updating Open Graph Settings

I’ve updated my Open Graph image and content, but it’s showing the old image and content on Facebook. I tested with Facebook debugger and it shows the old image and content too. How do I override the old image and content?

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Did you happen to click the “Scrape Again” button on the Debugger to grab a fresh version of the OG image? Admittedly I don’t use Facebook anymore (and the article I grabbed the image from is a couple years old, so it may not exist anymore) but they show it looking like the following:

As long as you’ve republished your theme after updating the OG image it’s probably just a caching issue—and if the “Scrape Again” button still exists that will probably fix the issue. If not, or if the button isn’t working, I’d imagine it will eventually grab the updated image after a day or two :+1:

This worked. Thanks for your help.

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