Updating internal links after moving to new domain

Hi all

I’ve recently 301’d my site across to a new domain.

All internal links published pre-site-move display as old domain
All internal links published post-site-move display as new domain

Is there a way I can bulk update internal links (created pre-site-move) so that they reflect the new domain, or is this a laborious, manual process?

Thanks for your help!

It sounds like you’ve done something a bit unorthodox- internal links should be relative so there is no domain on them. Nothing to change.

Where did you move your site to?

Perhaps share a link to your read-only project and your published site with details on where to see the inconsistency.

The internal links that haven’t been updated are ones that were added manually and therefore not relative, you’re right! I feel a tedious manual update coming on! Thanks for always being so responsive in this forum @memetican - I really appreciate your help.