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Updating background image on Editor not affecting mobile

Hello friends!

Something weird is happening…
When me, or my client, update a div background image with the Editor… it only affects desktops, tablets and horizontal mobiles. Not affecting vertical mobile. If we do the same in the Designer, same happens, when I change desktop, mobile doesnt change.

You can see that in the read-only project bellow, in the ABOUT US page in example.

In the first section, after the navbar, when you change the background image in the “Hero > interna > about” combo class it affects: OR the desktops/big mobiles, OR the vertical mobile separately.

Things to notice:

  • Theres no hidden elements, the same elements and classes from desktops are the same for mobiles. I only changed values to the classes to fit mobile view.
  • “Hero” contains all the attributes for the header from the Home page.
  • “interna” combo class changes the Hero from home to the height for Inner Pages.
  • “about” combo class should contain the image change in the div background section.

I need to fix this so any changes in the photo, affects everything…
Then i will use different combo classes instead of “about” to change the same photo in different pages. It should be working already, but something is wrong…

Any help?

Here is my site Read-Only:

To fix, click the mobile vertical design. In the right sidebar click image and gradient (highlighted blue). Click Reset.

If you look at the title “image and gradient”, your tablet/mobile landscape title is orange. The vertical mobile is blue. This is because once you change something in webflow (which you may have done on accident), it create a new class for that element (in this case a background). Once you have a new class for a breakpoint, it will stop inheriting the classes from the parent (classes cascade form largest > smallest breakpoints).

Thank you Amir!
This seems to solve, and I did the same in all pages… one more thing I learned.

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