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Updated: Text Appear on Hover

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Hey @thewonglv, thanks for the response. See the two screenshots below. I’ve pointed out the text that’s the issue in the second screenshot. If you click on the preview link above (click here), you can see the first row with the sliding text. These aren’t an issue, as the second row covers the text sliding in from below. However, the second row has text that slides in but isn’t covered, which you can see in the second screenshot. Any advice?

Hi Jordan! :smile:

Can you try this? For your “Food Images” class, give it an overflow of “hidden”

@PixelGeek that worked perfectly, thank you! On another related note, the images with the hover interaction (under class “Food Images”) switch from hidden to inline and vice versa when hovering. Is there any way to set a speed on these, or is it impossible to set an interaction speed when changing the display mode? If so, is there any other way to do this? I don’t want the hover interaction on those images to be so abrupt.

Hi @jordanshotwell, from what it looks like, you may want to restructure the effect a bit. This demo may be helpful:

Page Title: Fade Overlay on Hover

​I hope this helps!

Thanks @thewonglv! That seems to solve some of the issue, at least for now.

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