Updated Published Pages Showing Old Content

I am experiencing an issue with two pages on my site that I have updated:

  • /about/hwlcreative
  • /about/team-interviews

The content on those pages is showing content attached to a different URL in my project:

  • /about/hwlcreative is displaying /about/au-archives-jake
  • /about/team-interviews is displaying /about/ti-archives

The content is archived, outdated content. The pages were duplicated and URL changed to save the old content, then I changed the content attached to the live, linked-to URL.
It shows the wrong content on multiple different iPhones, as well as my laptop.
Clearing cache doesn’t fix this issue.

Has anyone else experienced this issue where pages updated with new content is still showing old content, even after clearing caching?

I changed the content a week ago(last monday), and noticed the issue the next day (tuesday), cleared cache and it seemed to fix it. Only to find out it has since reverted itself on other devices, and now my laptop again.

I unpublished and republished the pages to see if that worked to no avail as well.

Not sure what would cause this issue, but my LIVE website content is currently outdated and not reflective of my current accurate business details.

How do we fix this?

Read Only Link:

Hi Lindsey,

  1. Can you share a link to the published site?
  2. What do you mean “showing content attached to a different URL”? where is this content shown? when you visit one page you see different page?
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Looks like I was only clicking publish to the webflow.io not the live URL.

You’re a life saver :slight_smile:

We can close this out now!! :smiley:

happy to be of service :smiley: