Updated Collection Item not showing

Hi Team :slight_smile:

I have added a new Rich Text item in a collection. I’m going to delete a previous Plain text Paragraph option, however when I go to input the a new paragraph in the designer and link to the “Announcements” collection, the new “paragraph” option is not showing. Please can you advise?, Thank you for your help.


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This one’s easy to fix :slight_smile: . Items don’t show up in the drop-down menu if the element that was added isn’t the same as the collection item. So if you want to have a rich text item linked from the CMS collection you need to add a rich text element from the design panel, not a paragraph element. Then the item will show up @Saff

Hi Sarah, thank you for that, works a treat, thank you again.

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@Saff Glad to hear it :slight_smile: .

Hi Sarah

Sorry to bother you again, however across the same Collection, I am having an issue showing the latest publications? It doesn’t seem to be showing, for example, “We are hiring!” or “School Holiday Fun”, they are not appearing although it says it’s published? Any thoughts on this? :thinking:

Thank you again :slight_smile:


@Saff is this on the published site or in the designer? Here’s what I’m seeing on the ‘announcements’ page, are these the articles you want shown? Or am I looking at the wrong page?

Hi Sarah

These were published on site by a client administrator. However some articles like the "We are hiring!” or “School Holiday Fun” are simply not showing?

Hi Sarah, Yes thank you, you are on the right page and the collection is called “Announcements”. Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Hi Sarah

Sorry to of bothered you, I found it !! It had “Limit Items” on. All sorted now, so thank you anyway Sarah.

@Saff ah! It’s so nice when you’ve finally figured out what happened :slight_smile: . Glad it got sorted out!