Updated Chrome Form Controls Style :(


Since today i got a small style issue.
Some of by Buttons, Input Fields and Choose Options have a weird black bar around it.

I cant find the issue by myself, could someone please inspect my page to take a closer look?

You can see this issue if you click ‘Developer Login’ and Press the Submit Button once.

Here is my site: REMOVED

Issue seems to be a feature by the new chrome update. Thats so stupid.

More Informations here:


There is a solution to disable it on my screen, but does anyone know how to disable it for anybody who visit my site? :thinking:

You are likely seeing the new form styles introduced in Chrome 83. They strive for a more standardized look & behavior and got closer to Microsoft’s implementation. Overall they are pretty good.

You can however override the default styles, do you just want to get rid of the border?

Thanks for your answer.

I want to override the Submit Button, Input Field and Choose Field style.

How can i do that?

Can you provide your read-only link?

I just send you that link per direct Message :slight_smile: