Update Webflow to Lottie Player version 5.12.2

Hi Webflow Team,

Is this possible to select what version of Lottie Webflow is using?

Currently, Webflow is using: 5.7.13 (almost 2 years old)

In the latest version 5.12.2 there is support for some specific features when rendering in Canvas mode that is not possible with the older version.

Trying to launch a site with complex animations and SVG mode is not an option as animations cause major performance issues on devices.

Thanks for any help on this issue in advance!


No you can’t select, the only way you have is to use lottie manually

Thanks for your reply…

Manual import isn’t an option for the project for the following reasons.

Additionally, Webflow interactions will be incompatible through an import method, and we are using scroll-based animations on the website.

There are a bunch of features supported in the new version, not sure we’re going to be able to achieve the intended results without this change.

Is there a roadmap for updating the library to the latest version?


ah, I would love it we could. I second this feature request!!!

Hi @James_Green — we just updated the lottie-web version to 5.12.2. Can you check to see if it’s working now for you?


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