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Update products via csv file


I am trying to UPDATE my products through a csv file, but instead of updating them, I am getting an error saying that the handle already exists.
I know the product already exists, but is there a csv import configuration page so i can choose to update products instead of recreating them.

Hey! With CSV imports, you can only create new items and not update existing ones.

To mark this green as a “solution” is tough. It’s more like the answer to your question is that there is no solution…

What is the preferred work around? Can you delete all your products and upload all new ones with the modifications? Would this screw up a bunch of other stuff on your site?

Also, if deleting and re uploading is an option? Then, is there a way to mass delete your products instead of clicking into each one and deleting manually?

Yes - you can select all and delete for products.

This is an unideal solution, as often data is linked via references. Deleting content then means unlinking those relationships and having to reconnect them after the pseudo-update.
One approach for allowing for true updates would be to allow for the “Collection ID” and “Item ID” fields to be linked on import. That way you can export the current data and reupload it to accomplish an update. This is the approach that BigCommerce takes and it works very well.

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