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Update Page Slug

Hi there,

When opening my Webflow project, I’m presented with a warning regarding the 404 and password pages:

“Update Page Slug
One or more of your pages use a slug reserved by Webflow. Please update the following slug(s) and republish your site.
Slugs to update

I can see in my page menu that the two pages in question have moved out of the ‘Utility Pages’ folder. I don’t seem to have the ability to move them back.

Does anybody know what s going on?

Here is my site Read-Only:

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Hey, I just got the same “reserved slug” warning when I opened my project.

Not sure what is going on, or how we are supposed to handle the 404 page now.

No update on the tutorial either -

I’m getting the same message on all of my sites! What to do?

Hi @PaulWong, @WillNeeteson, and @kfitz

Thank you so much for posting about this issue. A few Webflowers like you did encounter this unexpected warning modal this fine morning. Our engineers were able to jump on this situation right away and deploy a fix. The problem appears to be resolved now.

Can you please reload your project and see if the issue is fixed on your end as well?


Yep it’s working now, 404 and Password pages are back in Utility Pages.

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Yes, it’s back to normal now - thanks :slight_smile:

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