Update Order with Integromat

Hi guys,

Trying to update an order (carrier and tracking number) from Airtable to Webflow using Integromat.
I am struggling to make it work since the module I use is not able to set the proper route to get the order.

To target the required order, I use the orderID I had from Webflow but for some reasons, it is not working…

Any idea ?

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Something similar happened to me the other day. I just deleted the scenario and made it identically, worked fine after that.

Also might be good to check the order by running a get orders module to see what is returned.

I tried to add the “get order” module before the “update module” to be sure I was getting the right order, which is good. But the route is still returning and error.

Will try to start from scratch and see if something changes

You could also try to re-establish a connection to Webflow. Maybe your connection was removed?

I don’t think so, got several scenarios with Webflow connected and they work fine.

I rebuilt the same scenario…same issue.
I added a “get order” module before the “update order” module to be sure I get the right order…it works.

I definitely think it’s an issue either on the Webflow API or in the Integromat module since the route looks broken even with the suitable parameters…

Got an answer from Webflow support team.
The URL route is misspelled in the module, using the word “order” in plural as it should be singular.

Asked the Integromat team to update the module, now need to wait

Very odd. I’ll bookmark that one. Thanks!

They are working on the module, will get an update when done.
Are you using this module ?

Not that specific one. But just about every other. Was planning on using it in the coming weeks though. So good they are fixing it.

Update: It has been fixed and works.
Sadly, they didn’t added the tracking URL field…

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