UPDATE: New Design Agency Website

Hi All -

I posted a link to my new website a few weeks ago. Since then…LOL…I have completely changed it. Would love you guys to check it out. And thanks a bunch for all of you who gave me feedback previously.

The Old Post

hi all.

would love if you guys would be so kind to provide me some feedback on my new website.

for so long i have been the web designer who works on everybody else’s site except their own.
decided to make a change in the new year :slight_smile:


Really nice well done, Love the colours which you’ve used :slight_smile:

Have you thought about adding some hover interactions to your buttons? I think that would really make the website come alive.


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Woah! Loving the hero section :heart_eyes: Vibrant, colourful and informative.

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Very nice, There is a lot to like and the copy is well written. Project Planner link does not work yet, so this may be covered when its added, but the main points I would make are

“contact info” is hard to find - is email address all you wish to provide?
Case studies with data showing the real ROI you have achieved would be useful and provide more proof of your skills too. Could make the three sites links actual pages with some graphics, projects info, what you did, results so far… Appreciate those things may be planned, however.

But well done

Up to get some eyeballs on the new update :slight_smile:

Check it out here: http://www.orangemooncreative.com/