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Update: Multiple pages now LIVE!

We just launched multiple pages! :page_facing_up: :page_facing_up: :page_facing_up: :thumbsup:

Play around with it and tell us what you think.

Tip: To copy elements between pages - just select, copy it (CTRL+C), go to another page and hit paste. Boom!

Update: Exporting multiple pages is now supported.


Brilliant! Looks like I’ve arrived at just the right time.

Thanks for the awesome work everyone! :smiley:

O M G !

That’s the BOMB guys … I hope you are all drunk and proud as heel of what you done at this point.

Cheers !

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Great, can’t wait to play around with it…

Now that’s done you’ve got time to modify the forms with drop downs, radio buttons, check boxes, bcc fields, add colour swatches, integrate javascript functions for accordions, tabs, sliders, carousels, tooltips, ‘click’ states and all sorts of goodies ;0)


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Great work guys! One question - what happens when I export if I’ve created a multi-page site? I intend to export everything so I don’t want to start designing multi-page if I can’t get the code out.

Should I just stick to one long page for now?

@conor We just added export for multiple pages! Enjoy!

Happy days! Thank you :slight_smile:

I moved a post to a new topic: Images from new pages aren’t exporting

Pretty awesome guys! I must compliment you guys on everything you are doing! Great product, great support, and rolling out awesome new features.
This multiple page thing is a milestone for sure! it changes everything…

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Cool stuff!

I´m wondering, how do I switch wich of my pages is my homepage? Right now it´s the one I designed first, but I changed my mind and want another one as my home page.

We’ll be releasing a way for you to choose another page as the index page soon.

Any plans to allow you to add a new template page vs. simply duplicating (or having a blank page)? Even the basic templates would suffice…

A page from our template library or just a selection of simple layouts?

Preferably a selection of simple layouts, but I’d even be happy with the existing template library (that I could modify).

What about reordering pages? I want to be able to drag/drop pages. Now my page overview can look like:

Featured Products
Lorem ipsum
About me
Lorem ipsum
Lorem blabla
Sale Products

But I want to keep the Products pages below each other…This is especially needed with large websites, sometimes with 20 pages! Sometimes it’s hard to find a page… no?

Definitely @rowan. We have reordering of pages planned. It is especially useful for more complex sites with many pages.

Good to know! Will wait for it. :smile:

Please do not forget about folders so you can arrange your pages. Eg.


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