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Update Live Collection Item through Webflow API and Zapier - help!

Hey community,

I have set a process to add an item on a multi-reference field on a collection.
(looks like this)>

Form submission - create a row on Airtable - Update Live Collection Item through API >
“fields”: {
“favorited-routes”: [{{114120366__fields__Favorite Route Roll Up}}]

now I want to use the same process but removing the specific item from the multi-reference field.

any idea/help on how can I do this, please

thank you very much in advance

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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You can’t remove a single multi-reference. You’ll have to set the multi-reference field with all the ids except the one you want to remove.

Have you considered using PowerImporter instead? It will take care of all these tedious details for you.

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