Update live CMS item on form submission per unique browsing session?

I’m building a website for a music marketing service–– to be considered for membership, artists submit their music.

To personalize the experience, I’m attempting to allow users to search for their music prior to submission. Their cover art will display (and, hopefully, their name. . . i.e., a message like: “Hey [artist name] Taylor Swift! We can’t wait to listen to your music.”) before the user is prompted to ‘submit’.

I’ve got a Zapier Webflow/Spotify integration that’s working to some extent: the user’s Webflow form submission (song name + artist name) is searched via Spotify’s API and returns the name of the song, artist, and the url to the cover art. A live item is then created from this.

My original intention was to limit the collection visibility to the most recent live item, as this would correspond to the most recent form submission. The problem is that this is updated across all browsing sessions. So, when the form is submitted (regardless of the browsing session), the image url mined from that submission updates the item and is displayed across every session.

Problem: The newest form submission, regardless of it being submitted on a different browser session, updates everywhere. There will theoretically be multiple artists across the world submitting their music at the same time. I’m new to both CMS and Zapier, so I’m not sure how to go about this. Is there a way to make a live item per unique browsing session and then only display said item?

The current website is pretty messy, as I’m just testing functionality. Some screenshots to clarify the set-up:

Live example: A user searches for Mac Miller, and the cover art updates appropriately.

If a user on a different session then searches for Kanye West, the Mac Miller cover art is overridden (making that user’s experience inaccurate).

Read-only link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/vapor-network?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=dashboard&utm_content=vapor-network&preview=fe622ce8728f6c5ff2b4d3d52ace87c7&mode=preview

Thanks in advance for any guidance!