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UPDATE: Hamburger Icon Dissapeared but can still be clicked

I somehow broke my hamburger icon. The menu button with icon placeholders are still there, I can even click on the spot in preview mode. Once it is clicked it becomes visible and the menu shows up and seems to function. I really don’t want to have to start all over to fix this. I tried temporarily adding another nav bar and icon which is visible under tablet and below breakpoints but could not see the difference. I am tearing my hair out trying to fix this.

Read Only Link: Webflow - FuzzeeDee Productions

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Thank you. Here is my red only link: Webflow - FuzzeeDee Productions

Icon color is set to white and background color is transparent. Not good at all on a white background.
Just add some color to the icon, the icon background and/or its parent div, and it will appear again :+1:

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Thank you, that worked. Don’t know how I missed that lol. Cheers.