update cms element status after form submission

I’m currently building a website in Webflow. It’s a microsite with gifts for kids. I have gift cards displaying a child’s name, the item price, and the gift details. Each card has a “Gift this” button that, when clicked, takes users to a form requesting their phone number and email. After they submit this form, the gift should be reserved for them, and that specific gift card should become inactive and unavailable for others to order.

These gift cards are created using a CMS collection. I’ve attempted using Zapier, but I encountered an error. I’m struggling to retrieve the product ID. Since there are many gifts and just one form that pulls data from the collection, I’m not sure how to proceed. This is my first experience with integration, and I’m learning. I’d appreciate any advice or guidance on what might be the issue or if there’s a different method I should consider😭

Hey, Anna!

I’ve dabbled a bit in Webflow and integrations like Zapier, so I know how finicky it can get, especially with pulling specific data like product IDs. Since you’re having trouble with Zapier, have you considered trying Integromat? It’s a bit like Zapier but sometimes offers more flexibility with complex workflows.

Another thing to check is how you’re passing the product ID to the form. There might be a way to tweak the CMS collection settings or the form setup in Webflow to capture and use the product ID more effectively.

I know it’s your first time with this kind of integration, but don’t be too hard on yourself. These things can be complex, and it’s all part of the learning process. Keep experimenting, and you might stumble upon a solution that works perfectly.

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Product ID’s probably work like CMS Item ID’s, and there isn’t any mechanism to retrieve them in the Webflow page, even using an HTML Embed.

Your best bet is to create a second Product ID field, and then any time a product is created, you take that created ID and then turn around and update your own field with that product ID value.

Yes it’s annoying, but the field will be accessible to you in the designer then.

I haven’t tested this recently, but I’d build that update mechanism against the Webflow new product created webhook, since that might fire both for manually created items and API created items, which would be ideal.

Also beware of backup restores, they may change all of your IDs.

Note that Logic has the ability to look up item ID’s by slug, which is very =cool, but I’m not sure if it works with Products, and Logic cannot call the Webflow API directly, or return results to the Form-containing webpage, so that may be a dead-end for you. Unfortunately I probably wouldn’t spend time there trying to make it work for your use case.

Product SKUs and details like product name, price etc. can be obtained via a HTML embed nested within your product collection. Using custom code you should then be able to include those details of the clicked product within a related form submission.