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Update A record

Hi, I received an email to update my A records. The updated a record is supposed to be in my project settings but I could not find it - can anyone help me to relocate it and provide a better step by step through the updating process? I didn’t find the Webflow University Article on this very helpful unfortunately >_<

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Hi @NC_Hanakata and welcome here are 2 links how to update A records just in case you have miss them.

Hi @Stan, many thanks for the links! I am quite new to this so would you mind sharing where exactly in the Project settings I can find the updated A record (I assume under the Hosting tab, but then I am not sure which one is the updated A record and both links are not very clear here…) Many thanks!

hi @NC_Hanakata here is YT link to video from Webflow university. This video is also part of second article I have posted.

EDIT: if you open second article you will find this section