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Up time question


In the site plans, the enterprise one has 99.99% up time.

Whats the uptime like for the other plans please? Id imagine its still pretty good?

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Hi Shayan,

I guess so. You could have a look at the Webflow Status Page (although I don’t know how accurate it is):

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99.99% uptime is listed as a feature for Enterprise plan, that doesn’t mean Enterprise plans websites have a 99.99% uptime. For instance, as far as I know, Enterprise plan websites so far have a 100% uptime, so do the other plans. Hosting websites with Webflow for 6 years now and I cannot recall any downtime. I recall that once we weren’t able to access the Designer for a short while because of an AWS blackout, but this didn’t impact hosted and published sites.

What the 99.99% means is that Webflow is commiting to that, with that plan. It means that if there’s downtime, Webflow will certainly take responsibility. They are also giving those plans an extra level of transparency about what’s done for stability and security.

Business and Enterprise plans have a slighlty different CDN that’s more adapted for sites looking for securing scaling globally.

In short, in 6 years, with normal hosting mostly, I’ve never had a client saying “my site is down” or “my site is slow” (well apart from this guy who’s constantly finding creative new ways to nuke his own website, and this other one who’s adamant that “It’s a scam that I have to pay for my domain name every year”…).


Hi Vincent, appreciate the detailed response :smile: Thank you very much.