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Unwanted Space on the right

Hi there!
I don’t know why, but there is too much space on the right side of websites content. I want the website to end, where the content ends but for any reason you can scroll to the right and there is free space. Please help!
Here my link :


Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hi @Jelena,

Your div block 3 containing the image is set to 100vw. Because the container involves some margin (auto) to center itself you end up having an image shifted to the right within the container but the div block 3 is overflowing from it.

Depending on the result you desire (I’m assuming you want this image centered) you can set the width of div block 3 to 100%.

If the current position is what you want, you can play with the overflow hidden property.
You could set this property on the body element to get rid of the extra scrolling space but I would recommend instead wrapping your container in a div block and set the overflow hidden on it. This way it is easier to keep track of your layout’s content for debugging purposes.

I hope it does make sense.


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Hi @Jelena

@Maximosaurus is spot on, it’s Div Block 3 with the issue. You also have a container, with a section inside, with a div block inside.

Here’s a great livestream by @PixelGeek (the face of Webflow) with some useful info about structuring your website for easier management later on.

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