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Unwanted Slide Animation

When I click a navigation bar link from a page other than the home page, the link works correctly, other than a slide animation that occurs.

I like the slide animation when clicking the various navigation bar links when the home page is already loaded, but when returning to the home page from a different page, I’d like there to be no animation. Here’s what I mean:

Read only:

Live site:

Thanks in advance.

Hi @wzahra, at the moment the page load interactions will run each time the page is loaded, there is not a “run once” action for the interactions yet.

I hope this helps, here is a good place to request the ability to only run the interaction once per user session (if I understand what you mean correctly)

Hi Dave,

Thanks; I don’t think we’re talking about the same thing, though. The slide that I’m trying to avoid is specifically when clicking a nav bar button from a page other than the home page. When a nav bar button is clicked from the home page, there should always be a slide animation to that section.

The reason I’m trying to avoid the slide when clicking from a page other than home is because there’s no ‘slide action’ necessary to get to that section - because the section in question is inherently on a different page. Therefore, there should be an instant ‘snap-to’ that section on the home page, with no animation.

If, subsequently, the user clicked a nav bar button while on the home page, then there should be a slide animation to get to that section.

Does that make sense? Thanks.

Hi there,

Thanks, I would enter the link to the section like, that should load the desired result. Try that and see if that helps (If I understand the trouble correctly).

You may have to create two symbols, one for the home page with the relative section links, and another for other pages with full path url links.

I’ve unlinked the nav bar symbol from the home page - now, the symbol is shared amongst the non-home page pages, and the home page has it’s own non-symbol version. The short slide animation still occurs when clicking a nav bar button from a non-home page page, though.

Now that the nav bar on the home page is not using the same symbol nav bar that’s on the other pages, the home page has relative links and the symbol (on non-home page pages) has full URLs. The short slide still occurs, though.

Hi @wzahra, thanks for the info, I am taking a look. I will get back with an update. Thanks for taking the time to check that.