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Unwanted Right Margin on Mobile

I am having trouble with a right margin appearing when viewing my site on a iPhone 11 pro.

Nothing seems to be overflowing past the margins when checked in x-ray mode.

Can anyone please help as I do not know what is causing there to be a horizontal scroll when view on mobile.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @nDubeau Nicholas,

Welcome to the Webflow Community and Forum, the best place to get the help you need.

Just tried to access your ‘Read-Only’ link and it’s not working??

Can you re-share the link again.


Hey Nicholas,

Thanks for that.

I notice that the element ‘section_master’ has a setting of 100vw on Mobile Landcape and Portrait, can you remove that setting or change that to 100% and see if the removes that right margin.

Also, could you share the published url so I can test on different devices.


Hi knk,

I have tried this and still have the same issue.

Hey so great news, I sorted it out. It turns out you were really close and actually pointed me in the right direction. I ended up having to turn all my site_container with the max width parameter to hide overflow.

Thanks for the help, happy to be apart of the community.

Have a great day or night or whatever. :v:t4:

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Awesome. Glad yo got it sorted :nerd_face:

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