Unwanted results when linking to a section ID

Hello forum,

I have a published website that has a navbar link that is no longer scrolling to the section ID. The website testing was great, so I published. Months later, the client noticed that my “about” link scrolled halfway through the product section. Odd…

As mentioned above, the “about” nav link only advances halfway down the site. But, once there and I click “Product”, the site scrolls correctly to that section, then if I click “about” when I’m in the product section it scrolls to the right spot.

Also, from top of the page, if I press “product” it scrolls to the product section. From there if I press “about” it only scrolls partially there, but if I press “about” a second time, it scrolls to the right spot.

I have a section ID all set up, and like I mentioned earlier, it was working fine before. Not sure why this is occurring, but I’m hoping somebody can help.

Youtube video link and Webflow links below.

Thanks in advance!


Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - Elan Industries)
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Hi Steve,

Your video is private but my first guess would be that you have lazy-loaded images above the point that you are trying to scroll to.

Hi Michael,

Good guessing! You were correct, the scroll is working great now. Thanks!!