Unwanted overlap of paragraph with image

I am currently new to Webflow.

I am working on a simple site that I need to finish.

It has header, buttons underneath, heading, paragraph and then image.

Every element responds like I want it to except the image. When resizing
the browser window, the image stays in the middle and the text from my paragraph
overlaps over or under the image.

I do not want to change any settings for the paragraph as I would like the text to
stay the same size.

How can I get the image to respond vertically to the paragraph as it resizes without
it getting in the way?

I have uploaded 2 images and hope someone out there can help me.


Hey Dwight, you’ll need to include a readonly project link, if you want some guidance on your site design. We cannot see it otherwise.

It looks like you’ve positioned your image fixed in relation to its container, which would tell the web browser not to move it even if the text flow interferes. You might have set z-ordering on it as well. You don’t need either of those if you’re wanting normal, organic layout flow.

Hello Michael:

How do I go about creating a read-only project link ?

Sorry for being so clueless.


It’s the bit you deleted at the bottom of your original post.
It’s easy to find though;

Hello Michael:

Thanks for your reply.

Here is the link, I hope this works…



Hello Michael:

I would also need help if you can, to make a hidden link next to each heading on the page, then make it appear when I navigate to the anchor link on the same page.

Specifically, a “back-button” or “<” icon if you will that will link back to the top of the page and when it is clicked on, the “back button” or “<” icon gets hidden again.

Thanks so much for your help in advance.

Would anyone know how to link to another file (png, txt, PDF) in WEbflow?


You’ve mixed a lot of randomly different questions into one thread, which will make it very difficult for the community to help you.

Split them out, show your work, what you’ve tried, and exactly where you’re stuck. Make an effort to find the answer yourself, otherwise you’re asking us to teach an HTML class, which is very difficult to do in a forum- and there are millions of those on the web already.

For Webflow-specific questions, you can also search this forum and the Webflow University as well to find everything you need.


Hello Michael:

I have done what you explained to me in the video and it works great.

I do not have to use the scroll feature at all. I lossed the grids and used a
section instead. Easily centered the inside elements and they respond perfectly
to the different sizes.

So again I say, thank you for your help.

Now I am going to do the back to top (appear, then hide) link you sent
me and then hopefully I can figure out a way to link to PDF and other image

Thanks again!

Here is the read-only link now, maybe it is better. Thanks to you.


Hello Michael:

Just keeping you in the loop on what I am doing.

I know you are probably so busy, but I think I have this a bit
more organized than before.

Please review if you like.