Unwanted moving element

Hello Guys,

I have a problem with one interaction in my site. Maybe you can have a look on it… it’s about the last section, where you can see cards, which are growing up and at the same time hiding the neighbor-card, if on hover.


When you hover over the 2. card, you’ll see, that the icon of the first card will shortly appear on the right side and kinda moves out fron the 1. card.

How can i solve this issue?

Best regards

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Hello @Luc_4,

The problems is that the cards are too big and too close to each other for being on hover. What is happening is the hover trigger gets applied to card two when hovered out of card one. I added more space between the cards and they didn’t over lap anymore. You can also fix this by making the cards smaller and having more space between them. I hope this helps.