Unwanted image zoom on mobile scroll

:white_check_mark: RESOLVED :white_check_mark:: This was because I was using VH. And as the Chrome menu decreases in size, the value for 100 VH, hence the Grid resizes in a weird way.

Hi everyone!

I’m developing a shop right now and I encountered a confusing bug:

On Chrome on my phone, the product collection grid on the homepage starts expanding in size when scrolling through it (s. recording). I can’t reproduce the bug in Chrome Desktop (Inspect with mobile dimensions) or the Webflow designer, it only shows on my phone.

I used a template for some parts of the page. The template came with many interactions, but I went through all of them in the project and deleted unwanted ones. Didn’t find any that could be causing this.

Has anybody seen this “effect” before and knows what I could change?

– Alessandro