Unwanted horizontal scrolling

Hey there Folks!

First of all - I am fresh to webflow, but I learn constantly for two weeks now and I’m quite happy about the platform. I’ve started with a template to work on but changed it almost completely.

Unfortunately I have an issue after publishing project - On both - PC and mobile versions - there is an issue with the width of the body. It shows everything within the viewport but you can scroll horizontally - and there is nothing over there apart from background.

I’ve checked everything that came to my mind - from section widths and positioning to background pictures and spacing…

I will be grateful if someone could take a look at it and help me out.

I know there are many more tweaks to be done in the project but that’s the start!

All best to Y’all :slight_smile:

Lukasz Gramza.

Here is my first project site: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/graphink-design-studio?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=designer&utm_content=graphink-design-studio&preview=2a7f436df40e3a7a6c39ae9df4ab0de0&mode=preview

You have set a max width on your body too none. Set that to 100% or 100vw and it should fix the issue. You really shouldn’t be changing the body style much if at all other than global fonts. I tend to leave the body completely alone.

Also if you haven’t already, I strongly recommend doing some courses over at https://university.webflow.com to learn deeper


Thanks for advise @DFink :smiley: There was more than just one issue causing the problem, but I found your feedback very useful as I’ve eventually started from scratch and followed tutorials on Webflow University! Once again - cheers for help mate :slight_smile: :v: :+1:

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